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Assuming there is no bodily injury or death resulting from the DUI, the minimum penalties for a misdemeanor first conviction are a fine of $390 fine plus over $1,000 in ordinary ­penalty assessments, plus additional DUI-only assessments for a total of approximately $1,800. You will also have either a 48-hour jail sentence or a 90-day license restriction allowing you to drive to and from your work—and for work—if required, and to and from an alcohol treatment program.

Domestic Violence

In California, the alleged victim of a DV crime can be: A spouse or former spouse, The other parent of the accused’s child, A current or former “cohabitant” (someone who lived with the accused for a substantial period of time), The accused’s fiancé or fiancée, or A current or former partner in a dating relationship.

The Criminal Process

The arraignment is the first time the defendant appears in court.At the arraignment, the judge tells the defendant: What the charges are, What his or her constitutional rights are, and That if he or she does not have enough money to hire a lawyer, the court will appoint a lawyer free of charge.

Theft in California

According to California Penal Code §488, petty theft is the crime of stealing items or money that is worth less than $400.00. A common example of petty theft is shoplifting. Depending on your criminal record and the nature of the theft, you can face a misdemeanor or felony charge for petty theft.